„A green step closer” – Student project contest 2021

The Embassy of Hungary in Jakarta announces the „A green step closer” – Student project contest 2021 in order to promote the Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and Summit. During the competition, participants will be required to prepare a concept and presentation on how would they use sustainable technologies in Indonesia. The ‘A green step closer’ challenge on one hand refers to taking the next step towards sustainability and on the other hand to bring Hungary and Indonesia ‘one green step closer’.

The project

We are looking for participants from the Indonesian universities, who will develop a specific concept in the framework of a concept paper and a presentation using a Hungarian green technology of their choice in Indonesia. The list of Hungarian companies providing green technologies can be found below, participants can create their concept papers based on any of these companies/technologies listed (e.g. a Hungarian waste water system technology implementation at hotels in Bali).




Participation is open to undergraduate (BSc) and graduate (MSc) students of any university in the Republic of Indonesia regardless of the curriculum in team of one.

The deadline for submitting the project is 5 November 2021 (WIB 11:59 PM). To participate you must upload your:

• Filled application form (find the link below)
• Min. 2, max. 5 pages project concept
• Power Point presentation in max. 10 slides introducing briefly the concept (presentation time 10 minutes)




There are three prizes for the best project concepts. The committee retains the right to make decisions as they see best.

1st prize: a trip to Budapest for Planet Budapest 2021, including the plane ticket, accommodation and entry ticket to the expo for one (1) person (expected travelling time: 28 November 2021 – 6 December 2021)
2nd prize: a dinner with the Ambassador of Hungary in Jakarta
3rd prize: a package of environmental friendly products with the logo of Planet Budapest 2021 (metal straws, metal bottles, vouchers for bulk shops, etc.)


Detailed competition guidlines can be found HERE