No matter, if it is personal or corporate-level, or if it is about just a few or millions of dollars: provide safe and easy-to-use digital financial systems is close to number one priority in the 21st century. Fintech companies have made amazing progress in the last few years, and their technologies are about to conquer the world. Imagine that we don’t even need our “e-wallet” to pay, because our bracelet has all the information to pay for our coffee. Well, it is not the future anymore, it is your present with advanced Hungarian fintech solutions.

The fintech scene in Hungary has still shown tremendous progress. Nearly 110 Hungarian and foreign-owned fintech companies are represented in the domestic market, with the vast majority of them, nearly 90 percent providing B2B services. Companies like Festipay and Cellum are showing us the future of fintech while becoming global providers of the most advanced fintech services.

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