Using advanced technology when building or upgrading infrastructure can help reduce climate-related risks. But the economic and social benefits of building high-tech infrastructure go beyond just saving our environment. Sustainability reduces costs in the long run, and give a chance for developing areas to provide safer and accessible services to their citizens.

From water management to energy saving light systems, from smart buildings to projects that will provide sustainable and safe living facilities to people, technology helps to create a brighter future for all of us.

Hungary has been hosting a select number of infrastructure development and Smart City initiatives and test projects over the past years, both on a municipal and national level: Modern Cities Program is managing funds worth $343 million for the development of energetic systems and public utilities in 8 cities of the country.

Sustainability is one of the biggest concerns of more and more countries. By energy-saving solutions, by innovative water and sanitation management, companies that are engaged by saving the environment can provide smarter, cheaper and sustainable services for us, using the latest technology.

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