During the past years, in many fields and sectors successful cooperation has formed between Hungarian and Indonesian businesses. Thanks to the HunIndoTech Forums, new partnerships formed, new perspectives were discussed and to keep maintaining the extraordinary cooperation and business success between Hungarian and Indonesian companies, the organizers decide to transform the HunIndoTech’s website a “Smart Hub”, where companies can find their future partners easily.

HunIndoTech is now creating a virtual platform for all the companies that are open to seek new solutions and innovative technologies, by consulting and cooperating with new partners. In our Smart Hub, you can find the companies that are already present in Southeast Asia and are seriously interested in new relationships.

Are you a Hungarian company with a technological service or product? We would be delighted if you could upload your company’s portfolio in order to provide a complement picture of the Hungarian tech related solutions.


The display of the company’s profile is free of charge and is planned to be available in a long term, serving as a constantly expanding and comprehensive knowledge base for Indonesian players interested in Hungarian technology and Hungarian companies.