ACPM IT Consulting

ACPM IT Consulting Ltd
Fields of expertise:
• cybersecurity consulting
• IT strategy advisory
• IT project management
• cybersecurity audit
• IT training

Webinars by ACPM IT consulting

Theme: Protecting critical data during critical times – infrastructure, cyberphysical systems, human resources


ACPM IT Consulting Ltd is a global consulting company specializing in cybersecurity. We are an international company network operating on three continents and on the domains of cybersecurity consulting, security audit and screening, security advisory and project management, and cybersecurity training.

References in Southeast Asia

Advisory and training services to LPPI (Indonesian Banking Development Institute); Consulting and training services to Changfeng IT Alliance (Beijing) and its member firms; Advisory and training services to SSM (Companies Commission Malaysia)

Ideal cooperation opportunities

ACPM is primarily looking forward to meeting and discussing with cooperation with potential service distributor and representation partners in Indonesia with a wide reach into the local corporate and public sector markets.


Contact person:
Olivér Kövecses

International Sales Director