EMD Medical Technology

EMD Medical Technology
Fields of expertise:
• Neurosurgery
• Laparoscopy


EMD Medical Technology is a privately owned company based in Hungary with more than 20 years of experience in the medical sector. EMD stands out with a one-of-a-kind, combined experience of various practice and know-how in medical technology. Our great potential for future international success lies in the unique professional expertise, that we’ve gained over nearly 25 years of perfecting our skills in the industry, as we journeyed up to be a manufacturer from a repair service. We specialise in Neurosurgery and Laparoscopy and have several internationally patented developments and products. We are constant thinkers and believe in game changing ideas that stand in the heart of our products. We continue to pour massive efforts not only in creating innovative, new idea-based medical devices, but to be able to utilise the newest technologies available. Our product experience, skills and high standards enable us to hold a special place on the market, as we own all processes from development, design, manufacturing, and merchandising. EMD operates according to EN ISO 13485 standards and has CE certification for its products. To date, we export to over 24 countries worldwide. The product portfolio of EMD consists of: Neurosurgical products: Disposable Cranial Perforators, Reusable Cranial Perforator, Craniotomy cutters and High-speed motor system with attachments. Laparoscopic products: Laparoscopic hand instruments, Laparoscopic Trocar systems.

Ideal cooperation opportunities

We are looking for potential distributors who are interested in the distribution of our products either in form of normal or exclusive partnership.


Contact person:
Gergő Ujvári