Eva Noor

Xynexis International
President & Managing Director
Xynexis International

Indonesian Panelist by Eva Noor

Theme: Fintech and Cyber Security - The inevitability of cyber security in fintech and beyond

Personal Information

Eva is the co-founder, CEO and Managing Director of Xynexis International, Indonesia’s leading cybersecurity company. In addition, Eva has built three other companies in various industries.

Eva is recognized as a leader in creating opportunities for young talent and women through nationwide programs like Born-to-Protect and Indonesia Women in Cybersecurity.

Born to Protect program is a program to build cybersecurity talent in Indonesia by providing free education, certification, and placing a new generation of professionals from all over Indonesia in the cybersecurity field into the workforce. ( https://borntoprotect.id )

Indonesia Women in Cybersecurity Program is a movement aimed at educating and including women and in cybersecurity. The program works closely with government agencies, industry, academia, and the community. ( https://iwcs.id )

She believes that by sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can have a positive impact on a great number of people and make Indonesia a safer place.