Fakopp Enterprise

Fakopp Enterprise Bt.
Fields of expertise:
• Decay detection in trees
• Trunk safety evaluation to avoid trunk breakage
• Root system stability evaluation to avoid uprooting
• Acoustic measurements on trees
• Trainings for tree tomography, pulling test and dynamic tests


We work for livable cities, where many parks, green areas and alleys of trees bring their benefits to the community. We give aid to keep trees while maintaining safety as well.

Fakopp Company produces and develops instruments to test trees. Decay detection and evaluation of root system stability are the main areas  of application.

References in Southeast Asia

Our acoustic tomography, ArborSonic 3D is used in Jakarta (6 instruments), China (about 20 instruments), Taiwan (about 4 instruments), Japan (about 30 instruments), and Vietnam (2 instruments). Our one-line acoustic device, Microsecond Timer is used in Indonesia and our wood quality predicting instrument, TreeSonic is used in Malaysia.

Ideal cooperation opportunities

Green space maintaining companies or municipals would be ideal cooperation opportunities. As research is also continuous for us, universities, botanical gardens would be welcomed for partner research as well.


Contact person:
Ágnes Buza

Business Development Manage