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HiQ Global
Fields of expertise:
HiQ Global's focus is startup ecosystem building and international market entry support. We work with startups on generating deal flows, establishing innovation partnerships and also support them by acquiring funding. We also appreciate that successful businesses are created in and supported by healthy ecosystems, for that reason we work with a number of organisations from startup and innovation ecosystems and help them diversify and connect.

Webinars by HiQ Global

Theme: What are the biggest challenges of the internationalisation process for a startup? - Importance of Startup and Innovation Management


HiQ Global’s mission is to BUILD BRIDGES and create opportunity for innovative world-class technologies and startup solutions to enter international markets.

HiQ Global was brought to life to connect world-class potential with capable accelerators and offer state-of-the-art tech solutions to valued markets. We strongly believe that by connecting the brightest innovators of our startup eco-systems on one hand and global business communities on the other, we can promote a technology and knowledge transfer along the lines of value creation and also bring promising business opportunities to different regions.

Ideal cooperation opportunities

We are looking for both corporate partners and government partners that support HiQ Global deliver on its mission, generate deal flows and strengthen cooperation between the various startup and innovation ecosystems we work with in SEA and CEE.


Contact person:
Adam Juhasz