Hunity Defence

Hunity Defense Cyber Security Consortium
Fields of expertise:
• comprehensive and complex cyber security solutions (perimeter protection, malware analysis, forensics, information and data protection)
• education and training

Webinars by Hunity Defense

Theme: Protecting critical data during critical times – infrastructure, cyberphysical systems, human resources


HUNITY DEFENCE Consortium a professional alliance of companies and their partners all of which are established business actors in the security, defense and ICT domains not only in Hungary but at international level. HUNITY DEFENCE and its partners commit themselves to jointly operating on the international market providing complex tailor made cyber security solutions including technology and knowledge transfer to governmental organizations. Members and partners of the HUNITY DEFENCE Consortium are represented by Carinex Ltd. founder of HUNITY DEFENCE. Carinex Ltd. contracts to coordinate overall activities related to projects that are to be performed by HUNITY DEFENCE and its partners, including project-related liaison with governmental organizations, as well as on-site management of the project through a designated project manager by HUNITY DEFENCE.

References in Southeast Asia

India, Indonesia, Singapore (special security systems)

Ideal cooperation opportunities

Partner research, governmental/private institutes & projects.


Contact person:
János Sevecsek