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Theme: Medical Technology in the Covid-19 Era – Implications for Innovation


Hygienic issues have become a major problem to face with. Providing safe environment is an important task and is our mission. The threat of infections and epidemics also increased as our world became globalized and viruses/bacteria can travel long distances in a short time. The cleaning and disinfection methods that are used nowadays can only solve these problems partially because these methods cannot provide a continuous and durable protection against viruses, bacteria or other pathogens. Our Resysten photocatalytic coating system based on a uniquely developed chemical solution. The system uses light as a catalyst to achieve titanium-dioxides’ hygienic effects. The coating system, thanks to our recent researches integrates to the host medium in a molecular level therefore it cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods and remains active continuously up to 1 year interval. This two unique property of our system result in a surface which keeps its continuous disinfectant effect up to 1 year, protecting the users and the environment from contamination.

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