Startup Studio Indonesia

Startup Studio Indonesia
Fields of expertise:
• Startup Acceleration
• Product & Business Development
• Fundraising
• Governmental Networking

Webinars by Startup Studio Indonesia

Theme: What are the biggest challenges of the internationalisation process for a startup? - Importance of Startup and Innovation Management


Startup Studio Indonesia is a program initiated by Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics. 

This program aims to facilitate Indonesian high-quality early-stage startups (that are aiming for seed round up to series A round investment), particularly ones that have product-market fit and potential founders. 

This program is initiated as a solution to issues faced by Indonesian early-stage founders, namely the lack of resources and the lack of networking access to scale up their business.

Ideal cooperation opportunities

Govermental & private project, Startups, Venture Capital.


Contact person:
Fahra Affifa
Team Member of Startup Studio Indonesia