VTK Innosystem Ltd.

VTK Innosystem Ltd.
Fields of expertise:
• water management
• environmental protection
• water treatment
• project management

Theme: Building a smart capital – finances, technologies, good relations in the perspective of PPPs


VTK Innosystem Ltd. is one of Hungary’s well-known and acknowledged water management and environmental consulting. Our company gives broad-spectrum support to governmental, non-governmental, industrial, and military customers. Our services include scientific and technical consulting, as well as the engineering tasks of water management and environmental protection. Our accredited sampling team, equipped with modern devices, is available for our partners to carry out field examinations. Inside the company there is a separate branch that deals with educational development work, under which we correct and grade national and international public education surveys.

Ideal cooperation opportunities

governmental project and partner research

References in Southeast Asia

  • 2018 – LAOS, Vientiane WWTP – Legal Consultancy • 2018 – Preparing Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and obtaining the Compliance Certificate for the construction of a new central treatment plant in Vientiane, Laos.
  • 2018 – Vientiane Sewer Project – obtaining Environmental and Social Compliance Certificate for the wastewater collection network planned for the Phase I. area
  • 2018 – Vientiane Sanitation and purification programme – Feasibility Study
  • 2019 – HDC – Baseline design for sewerage of Vientiane PHASE1
  • 2019 – Indonesia – Hungary’s representative on the “Water Stress Management Best Practices in Hungary” conference
  • 2016-2019 – Water treatment plants in INDONESIA, on 3 islands on 34 sites
  • 2017 – Mobile water treatment project in LAOS • 2019 – Mobile water treatment project in INDONESIA, PAPUA PROVINCE
  • 2018 – Water treatment and wastewater treatment plant project for the CITY OF VIENTIANE


Contact person:
Gábor Kovács

International Director