Fields of expertise:
• Android remote management
• Software development
• Software as a Service


Webkey helps Android users remotely manage their devices. We help individuals and companies remotely access their Android device and control them from a central web Dashboard. Webkey offers flexible, customer focused and easy to integrate tool for all businesses. Key features of our app include but are not limited to; screen mirror, Remote screenshot, screencapture, full remote control, location tracking via GPS. We offer highly customizable business edition and pricing plans dynamically adjusting to our business clients’ needs. We also offer a server based app for higher security, as well as white labeling.

References in Southeast Asia

100K+ individual download of our app in Indonesia, partners and B2B customers in Taiwan

Ideal cooperation opportunities

We are looking for Indonesian Partners that can help us capitalize on a market we already have traction on.


Contact person:
Peter Iso