Grape Solutions Plc.

Grape Solutions Plc
Fields of expertise:
• Software development
• IoT
• Electric car Mobile Charging systems


Since our foundation at 2006, Grape has developed over 100 unique and business applications for its broad range of customers Internationally. Several of Grape’s business applications received recognition by being selected as the best of it’s kind across 9 Business & Innovation Awards in the recent years.
We are proud partners for diverse IT development and IT outsourcing projects for various industries.
Our mission is to help our customers digitalize their business needs and help them transform their customer and internal processes with our wide range of high-end technical solutions.
Grape Solutions has strong experience in developing IT solutions for the banking, insurance industry, Mobility, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and Retail sector providing tailored technological consultancy and training capabilities above the tailor-made develepment of business softwares and portal solutions.

Ideal cooperation opportunities

We intend to find local networking and technical, system-integrator partners


Contact person:
Mr. Endre KLUGE