One of the most exciting areas of future innovations is transportation technology. The developments of autonomous vehicles are faster than we expected and from the greatest companies to startups, the vehicle industry and software developers are equally focusing on the research of this subject. As a result of technological modernization, HungaroControl professionals – a leading aviation innovator in Hungary – will be able to ensure the highest levels of safety from one of the most advanced air traffic control centers in Europe.

Next to the innovation of self-driving vehicles the other field that needs exceptional technical solutions is sustainability. Our resources are not endless and we need to find the best ways to replace oil. Electric and hybrid vehicles can be the answer for saving our environment, while not giving up our comfort.

The automotive sector is one of Hungary’s core industries and generates almost 21% of total exports, therefore research and development projects are blooming in the country. Autonomous vehicles are already using Central Europe’s greatest test track, ZalaZONE’s special features for simulations, while now for the EU market Magyar Suzuki only produces hybrid vehicles in its Hungarian factory.

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