Building a smart capital – finances, technologies, good relations in the perspective of PPPs

The importance of maintaining the environment and the concept of sustainability has taken precedence in all sectors, but especially when it comes to infrastructure developments.

One way to support sustainability is through encouraging innovations within the infrastructure development sector by constructing smarter buildings, improving water management, and even promoting energy efficiency. 

Join us in the panel discussion, where we talk about the modernization of lightning systems and water supply and how to build intelligent, modern and sustainable buildings and supply systems.


Joerg Bauer

[President & CEO of Tungsram Group]

Dr. Ir. Herry Trisaputra Zuna

[Director of Financing Implementation System and Strategy Development at Kementerian PUPR]

Róbert Révay

[Certified Environmental Engineer at VTK Innosystem]

Jeffrey Limas

[Head of International Business Development at PT Wijaya Karya]

Hanifa Indradjaya

[President Director/ CEO of Petrosea]
Business, legislation and IT challenges in FinTech innovations – Obstacles and solutions after the pandemic

The rise of digital payment methods has undoubtedly been a game changer in the financial technology (fintech) sector, but how does it work and what makes it safe.

As people begin to leave cash wallets behind and embrace their new ‘e-wallets’, fintech companies have to ensure maximum security without sacrificing ease of use and valuable time.

Join us in the panel discussion, where we talk about new methods of payment and the future of fintech.


Zoltán Ács

[Director of Cellum Asia]

Dániel Kaderják

[CEO of Festipay]

Péter Sasi

[CEO of Multipass Asia]

Hari Prabowo

[CEO of Paytren]

Rahmadi J. Abdurrajak

[Infrastructure Services Solution Leader at IBM Indonesia]

Ery Punta Hendraswara

[Deputy EVP Digital Next Business of Telkom Indonesia]
Cyber security
Protecting critical data during critical times – infrastructure, cyberphysical systems, human resources

Without secure digital systems, we could lose money, identities, and even the largest cities could lose control over essential infrastructure.

The emergence of cyber security has proven to be a blessing and perhaps it is not an exaggeration to call the participating companies in this panel discussion the guardians of our digital world.

Join us in the panel discussion, where we will discuss how especially now the pandemic has led to a heavy reliance on cyber security and IoT Edge Computing Data Centers.


Tamás Balogh

[Director of H1 Systems]

Olivér Kövecses

[ International Sales Director of ACPM IT]

Boldizsár Bencsáth PhD.

[CEO and Co-Founder of Ukatemi Ltd]

Mochamad James Falahuddin

[CEO of PT Codephile]

Hendra Suryakusuma

[Founder of Elitery]

Anton Setiyawan

[Director of Digital Economy Protection of BSSN]
What are the biggest challenges of the internationalisation process for a startup? - Importance of Startup and Innovation Management

Brilliant ideas and great minds do not guarantee success. There are much more need to be done to build a successful business. This panel discussion will focus on the certified mentorship programs, best practise cases, involving governmental support for local ecosystems. The discussion will be enriched with an insight on European-Southeast Asian bilateral cooperation and the possibilities of exchanging experiences in innovation management.


Ádám Juhász

[CEO of HiQ Global]

Ádám Sebestyén

[Regional Innovation Scheme Operation Manager at Eit Manufacturing]

Gergő Gulyás

[Member of the Board of Directors at Startup Campus]

Italo Gani

[Program Director of Startup Studio Indonesia]

Mary Alcantara

[Accelerator-in-Residence of INPUT Program]

K. Candra Negara

[Director for Inter-Institutional Relations at Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy]

Hadi Othman

[Chief Strategy Officer of Kumpul]
Smart city transportation solutions in a working city environment - Self-Driving Cars, Intelligent Aviation Control Systems & The Future Of Transportation

What does the future hold for us when it comes to transportation? Self-Driving and hybrid cars, intelligent aviation and traffic control systems are technologies which are already developed, but when will they become part of our lives?

How will we travel tomorrow? When will we be using self-driving cars and why are hybrid cars better than the regulars? How can air traffic be controlled remotely and how do we control the traffic on the roads?

Join us in the panel discussion, where we will try to find answers to all the questions above.


Ákos Palencsár

[Account manager at HungaroControl]

Máté Kiss-György

[CEO of Asura Technologies]

Zsuzsanna Bonnár-Csonka

[Head of Corporate Communication at Magyar Suzuki]

Róbert Siddi

[Head of Sales at ZalaZONE]

Mokhammad Khatim

[Operational Director of AirNav Indonesia]

Andrew Aristianto

[CEO of Citi Trans]

Fadli Hamsani

[Senior Manager Digital Transformation]
Medical Technology in the Covid-19 Era – Implications for Innovation Post-Pandemic

The intense tech boom has brought multiple benefits for the healthcare industry in the last couple of years, especially the development of medical technology or medtech. The pandemic proved to us that investing in medtech research and development is crucial, no matter if we talk about intensive care products or a chemical-free sanitizer. Join this panel discussion and meet leading meditech companies who will shed some light on the increasing reliance on medtech and it’s positive future.


Dr. Ottó Skorán, MD

[Senior Director Strategy & Innovation at Doktor24]

Tamás Békási

[RIS Business Creation Project Manager of EiT Health]

Simon Wong PhD.

[Founder and Director of Genetics Indonesia]

Krisztián Méhes

[Regional Representative of Resysten]

Gregorius Bimantoro

[Chairman of Indonesia Health Tech Association]

dr. Ivan William Harsono, MTI

[Bioinformatician & Data Science Manager at Genetics Indonesia]

Abraham Auzan

[Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Sehati TeleCTG]